Lib Dem Draw

Terms and Conditions


The Liberal Democrat Draw is a lottery operated under licence, with surpluses being donated to the Liberal Democrats.

6 prizes are on offer, including the £1,000 cash.

Individuals may buy tickets online in multiples of £1.00, with £1.00 buying one ticket to the draw. A maximum of £20,000 worth of tickets will be sold per draw. After purchase, an email will be sent to the purchaser's supplied email address detailing the number of tickets purchased and total amount paid. This acts as the receipt for the purchase.

After the close of each draw, the winner of each prize shall be selected at random. No ticket can win more than one prize. The winner of each prize shall be drawn at random from the tickets sold for that draw.

Prize winners will be notified by email as soon practicable after the draw.

The organisers reserve the right to contact any person purchasing tickets for a specific draw about that draw, in case of any question regarding their ticket purchase or in the case of their winning a prize. Additionally, if an individual has at the time of making their purchase given consent to receiving information about future draws, the organisers may contact those individuals to promote future draws.

Any individual can withdraw their consent from mailings regarding future draws at any time by email to - optout requests will be actioned within 10 working days.

The Liberal Democrat Draw is a non-profit making organisation. The constitution of the Liberal Democrat Draw Committee is available at

After prize, administrative and organisational costs, any surpluses are distributed to the Liberal Democrat Local Party and other organisations who sign up to promote the draw. Full details of the income and expenditure of any draw is available after the completion of the draw by email to

Participants must be over the age of 18 and live in England, Scotland, or Wales.

No cash alternative to prizes.

A full list of prizes for current draws and list of winners for past draws is available at

Promoter: Linda Tapper, 36 Wensleydale Drive, Camberley GU15 1SP

Licenced by Surrey Heath Borough Council as a remote lottery.

Participating Organisations

Liberal Democrat organisations signing up to promote and benefit from ticket sales of the draw need to provide details of a named contact who will be a member of the Liberal Democrats. That contact's membership may be checked at any stage, and the organisers reserve the right to suspend sales on behalf of any organisation that does not have a contact who is a current member of the Liberal Democrats.

Signing up as a participating organisation is valid for one draw only: to participate in any subsequent draw you will be required to sign up again to confirm all contact and payment details remain valid.

The organisers reserve the right to contact those nominated contacts who explicitly agree to receive marketing emails about future draws. Participating organisations can update their contact information at any stage.

Participating organisations will be given a unique web address for the draw for which they register. Tickets for that draw sold via that unique address will earn the participating organisation commission for each ticket sold. Commissions vary from draw to draw, but tend to be around 70% of ticket value and the actual value for any draw will be reported following the end of the draw, along with a receipt for payment.

Commissions (where earned by participating organisations) should be reported as a part of regular PPERA reports if it is of a reportable value.