Lib Dem Draw

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The Lib Dem Draw is a great way to donate to the Liberal Democrat cause, and you could win one of our tremendous prizes to boot. Tickets cost just £1.00 each.

We will draw the prize winners for the Christmas 2018 draw at 8:00pm on 8 December 2018 at St Mark's Church Hall, Woking.

Support Coventry Liberal Democrats

Your ticket purchase today will support Coventry Liberal Democrats. If you prefer, you can choose a different organisation to support.

The Liberal Democrats rely on small donations from individuals like you. We've never had the big business or trade union cash the other parties can count on, especially at a local level. The Coventry Liberal Democrats are particularly reliant on every donation we receive and on the devoted membership we have to help us deliver leaflets, campaign and fund our elections. Whatever you can afford to buy will make a material difference at supporting fundraising at a local level, whilst also putting you in the running to win a selection of fantastic prizes!

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